F*** the 'Crazy Cat Lady' Stereotype

The old ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ stereotype is one that has existed for ages and is no longer an accurate reflection of women who own cats.

In today’s busy world, the majority of cat owners are actually millennials. And why might that be? Cats are low-maintence, independent pets that make perfect companions for people with busy schedules.

One of my main objectives with Kitty Obsession was to dispel this old myth of the ‘Crazy Cat Lady' and show that women who own cats are cool, unique as hell, and glamorous AF.

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So why is it that owning a cat is typically associated with being single, lonely, and weird?

Historically in the western world, cats were associated with the devil and were seen as “lecherous animals that actively wheedled the males on to sexual congress,” according to historian James Serpell. Witches were the earliest cat ladies in the west. There were myths about witches who were believed to have transformed into cats at night which gave cats satanic representations. This began the early negative connotations of the relationship between cats and women.

In contemporary times, the ‘crazy cat lady’ has transformed into an image of a woman with mental health-related/ social difficulties. However, a recent study conducted by researchers at UCLA shows that there is absolutely no evidence to support this.

Therefore, this false stereotype needs to be put to rest because cats are awesome creatures and cat culture should be celebrated… not shamed. Get yourself a “Cat Lady AF” T-Shirt below to support the movement!