Kitty Obsession Cat Carrier includes everything your cat needs on the go. The carrier comes with containers for food and water, a scooper, and trash bags. Most importantly, the carrier includes a portable litter box storage area (closed off in its own compartment) for use when you arrive to your destination.

Emergency Kit

Kitty Obsession Cat Carrier is also useful in emergency situations where immediate evacuation is necessary to save lives, such as earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, or any other situation where immediate exit is necessary. Instead of worrying about gathering all of your cats’ essentials under duress, just load your cat into the carrier and leave immediately.


Kitty Obsession Cat Carrier is the most convenient cat carrier available. Labeled pockets keep all your cat’s essentials organized, and the separate litter box compartment keeps your cat away from the litter box until it is removed.


Kitty Obsession Cat Carrier is made with the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards. It’s built to last without sacrificing comfort, cleanliness, or style.


Kitty Obsession Cat Carrier is wipeable, and the interior faux fur pad is removable and washable. The food and water containers, scooper, and litter box are washable and should be sanitized with dish soap after each use. The scooper snaps open at bottom and top for easy cleaning.


Your cat deserves more than the hard plastic and cold metal of traditional cat carriers. Kitty Obsession Cat Carrier features plush faux padding, three mesh windows, and zipper entrance for play.

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