Our Story:

For the past 15 years, Shelley was a single mother and a full-time lawyer. She devoted most of her spare time towards raising her two children, Arielle and Alex, so she felt a huge void when they left for college. To cure her empty nest syndrome, Shelley's sister suggested that she get a cat. Never owning cats before, Shelley was unsure at first, but decided on getting a Persian-Chinchilla named Oliver, or commonly referred to as “Ollie.” She adored Ollie, and everyone that met Ollie also fell in love with him (even people who claimed they disliked cats).


Meanwhile, her daughter Arielle, who was not a huge cat person either, saw how loving and low-maintenance Ollie was and felt that a cat would be an ideal companion in her busy life as a college student at UCLA. Arielle got a Persian named Theo. Shelley and Arielle found that it was always a huge hassle to bring their cats with them places because of all the necessary items they needed to pack including; food, bowls, treats, toys etc. Most importantly, it was difficult to pack a litter box, trash bags, and scooper. Based upon their desire to have their beloved cats with them as much as possible, and make it convenient to take their cats with them to various places (vets, friends/family visits, drop off at cat-sitters, short trips to cat friendly hotels, road trips) they created the All-In-One Cat Carrier.

Our Mission:

Kitty Obsession was founded with the mission of producing innovative, top-quality, convenient, utilitarian products to make life easier for you and your feline loved ones.